Please note this application is in three parts: Part 1) Information about you.  Part 2) Your proposal.  Part 3) Additional details. 

Please note that individual document uploads must be no more than 3Mb each and an overall total size (including all attachments) is no larger than 9Mb. Anything over this could cause your application to fail. To save space, please paste links in Part 2A. Remember to include passwords if password protected.

For the purposes of clarity we are working on the following assumptions:

  • Voluntary/Amateur: Individuals or a group that engages in an arts activity as a pastime or for the love of the artform rather than as a profession.
  • Professional: Individuals who engage in an arts activity for a source of livelihood and who are the principal personnel in the creative process resulting in a work of art.
  • Arts Organisations: A not-for-profit professional arts organisation that either concentrates on professional arts activities (e.g. Theatre, Film) or utilises professional arts practise in a community or social setting (e.g. Youth Arts, Healing Arts).
  • The five grants available under this application are:

  • Arts Act Grants
  • Professional Project Grants
  • Rural Arts Networking Grants
  • Playwright & Producer Team
  • Screenwriter & Producer Team

    What would you describe yourself as ?
    If "Other", please specify:
    What grant are you applying for ?
    How much are you applying for ?
    Address :
    PPS No./Tax No./VAT No. :
    Email Address:
    Website Address and/or Facebook address and any other relevant social media address (Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat etc.)
    Bank Name & Address
    Bank a/c Name (e.g. current)
    Bank Sort Code, IBAN & BIC code
    Insurance Details (If using public space or Council buildings Public Liability insurance for €6.5m is required)
    If you are working with Children or/and Vulnerable Adults please detail policies (Also upload full documentation in the “Other additional materials” section)
    (only relevant if you are an Arts Group, a Community Arts Group,  an Arts Organisation or if you are applying for a Playwright & Producer Scheme or Screenwriter & Producer Scheme grant).
    Organisation/Partnership name(s)
    Brief description of Organisation/Partnership including the dates it was established/incorporated (Maximum 150 words)
    Hierarchy of organisation (e.g. CEO: Enda Power etc)
    Directors/Principles names and addresses
    Company Registration Number (Leave blank if not applicable)
    Staffing (Leave blank if not applicable)
  • Number of voluntary staff
  • Number of paid staff
  • Number of permanent staff
  • Number of short-term staff
  • Number of CES / TUS / Interns
  • Other
  • Other Funders (e.g Arts Council , W&W ETB, HSE etc)
    Part 2A - YOUR PROPOSAL  
    Artform(s) ?
    Title of your Application / Proposal
    Summary of your proposal (please summarise in no more than 3 short points, what you do and why) ... Max 50 words.
    Details of your proposal (Approx 500 words)
    Outline any other relevancies of your application in terms of: (A) Participation & Access (B) Support for Artists (C) Identity & Place
    Other Artists, Individuals, Groups or Organisations involved in your proposal (please detail their involvement and expertise - if your does not involve anyone else, leave this section blank).

    Budget: This should be in terms of income and expenditure - a detailed budget in Word or PDF Format must be uploaded here with your proposal. Budgets should include a clear Income and Expenditure Sections and the amount you are seeking in this award.

    Suggested headings in Expenditure could be Artist Fees and Staff Fees [Breakdown hourly/daily rates] Design Fees, Travel, Printing Costs, Insurance, Venue Hire, Documentation, Materials, [Again – these should be broken down clearly so panel can access accurately] Likewise Income should include In-Kind Costs such as Venue Hire, Monies Raised etc.
    Upload Budget document here. (Please note there is a file upload limit of 3Mb (online applications larger than 3x3mb will fail)).
    Dates / Locations
    Additional Documents & Materials Please Cut & Paste your link(s) in the box followed by a password if password protected

    Other additional materials/documents (please note there is an individual file upload limit of 3mb and 9mb in total across all aspects of this application (online applications larger than 3x3mb will fail). Use the links box above for everything else such as You Tube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Facebook, Flickr etc.

    Upload additional documents here
    Upload additional documents here
    Upload additional documents here
    Where does this proposal sit with your annual programme ?
    Detail your marketing plans under the relevant headings: Local, Regional, National, Other
    Audience/visitor numbers
    What plans, if any, for future of this project (outside of this proposal - Maximum 50 words)?
    How will the Council’s support be acknowledged?
    If you are applying as an individual artist confirm that you are currently registered as a member on www.artlinks.ie YES
    Start and Completion Dates of Project
    If you are receiving over €5,000 in total you must have an Outreach programme and/or educational programme in place. • Outline your Outreach programme and/or Educational programme (If you are receiving under €5,000 in total from all Arts Grants leave blank
    If you are in receipt of sponsorship from an alcoholic drinks company(s) please detail
    If your application is for a festival or series of events, please specify for which family friendly aspect of your programme the Arts Grant is being sought ?
    Applicants live and work in Waterford ? YES
    Project will be completed in 2017 ? YES
    Would you be interested in engaging in a public workshop/presentation at a mutually agreed venue and date during 2017. YES
    Would you be interested in sharing resources where possible? YES
    By ticking to agree, I acknowledge that this application for funding is subject to the availability of funds and that I agree with the procedures as set out in this application and associated guidelines. I AGREE
    By ticking this box, I will notify the Arts Office of all events, for reportage and transparency purposes, and I will coordinate our programme with other Arts providers to ensure the maximum artistic benefit for the city of Waterford. I AGREE

    Please note that when you have finished filling in the grant application and have clicked the “Submit Form” button, you will be brought to a new screen which will either request you to fill in missing criteria or to review and check a summary of your application. To confirm your application, click the button that says “I confirm that this submission is accurate”. This submits your application.